An important book addressing many of today’s problems, including evil in this world, why bad things happen to good people, bullying, suicide, and more! An easy read but deep in thought; buy it for yourself, or someone you know who may be struggling with drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Available on Also, available on Kindle e-Book (you may have to download the Kindle app–FREE, on your phone or tablet). John J. Briggle– author.

The above book The Omega Times, available on and Kindle e-Book, is a fiction novel (or is it?) about a Christian family who suffers a family tragedy and strives in a world of carnal lusts. Twists and turns in the plot line, it is suspenseful, and the family witnesses first-hand events of the End Times cometh.  Author: John J. Briggle

Are You A True Christian? Are you hearing things in your church that just doesn’t seem right, that all these so-called Christians are going to heaven even though they are living like the devil? Maybe that describes you, too. Are you going to heaven just because your pastor has assured you of your salvation? The Bible warns, “Examine yourselves whether you are of the faith; test yourselves.” This book addresses some important issues, including your salvation. “Do not be deceived….” Author: John J. Briggle

FIT ‘n’ FAITH is about lifestyle change. This is a book that will give you tools to transform your entire life — your body, your soul and your spirit. Packed with stories of hope, encouragement, guidance, baby steps and a plethora of recipes, you will be guided on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. In Fit ‘n’ Faith, Lillian Easterly-Smith and Mike Smith draw the reader toward a lifestyle where every facet of life intersects, and where help, hope & health meet. You will want to keep this book close by and refer to it often. Authors: Lillian Easterly-Smith, Mike Smith