Original Songs

The Musician, Evangelist John BriggleOriginal songs by Evangelist John Briggle for praise and worship for the glory of Goid

An old rocker from the seventies and eighties, John Briggle avoided many of the stereo-typical lusts of that genre’s lifestyles and looking back, he is the first to thank God for His mercy and saving grace. But even so, “If God can still love me and save me after all those crazy years, His infinite love can draw anyone into the peace and joy that comes with a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

The musician John Briggle never considered himself much of a songwriter, but when he prayed and called upon the power of the Holy Spirit, amazingly, words and music flowed into his many original compositions. John Briggle testifies that the lyrics and music to both “Last Days” and “Thirty Pieces of Silver”  flowed through pen and guitar in less than ten total minutes each!

Original songs,
by Evangelist John Briggle:

  • Thirty Pieces of Silver

  • Road to Damascus

  • Best Days of My Life

  • Good Morning, Jesus

  • Carry the Cross

  • Last Days

  • Broken Now Saved

  • But By The Grace of God

  • By Whose Stripes Ye Were Healed

  • The Rapture

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