Heaven and Hell

Most people, whether spiritual or not, believe in heaven and hell, and most religions of the world teach that our eternal life will exist in one or the other. But also, most people, even some who profess to be believers in God’s inspired Word, have their own opinion on how to get to heaven, ignoring the Biblical means of getting there. Jesus gave us specific instructions and warnings on what it takes to pass God’s judgment. “I am the way, the truth, Continue reading Heaven and Hell

Bible Translations

More than any other literary publication, the Holy Bible has a very unique history in its accuracy and longevity as the inspired written Word of God. God used over forty authors during a period of approximately 3,700 years to record His message to humankind, including the only way into His kingdom. No conspiracy of man, conspired over so many years, could have withstood the intense challenges, scrutiny and legitimacy of the Holy Bible without it being inspired from a Creator of all that is. Without question, the Bible is Continue reading Bible Translations